Scania Omnicity Double Decker

Our latest Scania double deckers are Polish built Scania bodied buses

We currently have 13  of these. A number of these are to Euro 6 emission standards

  • YN56FBY
  • Y20CXB (Formerly YN56FCC)
  • M500JJR (formerly YN56FCD)
  • L600CXB (formerly YN56FCF)
  • 6539FN (formerly SN57DBO)
  • 9936UB (formerly SN57DAO)
  • UUG384 (formerly SN57DAU)
  • 5209UA (formerly YN08DHD)
  • WX6025 (formerly YN08DHK)
  • 5147UA (Formerly YN08DHV)
  • 5515 LJ (formerly YN08DHY)
  • 638UYC (formerly LX09AEB)
  • P700CXB (formerly LX59CRJ)