Connexions to operate the Wharfedale services again

1 year ago Tue 28th Feb 2023

We’ve been awarded the tender to operate the 961, 962 and 965 at very short notice by Metro from 20th February.

There are timetable changes in order to make the service fit with the finances available from WYCA. The 923 and 964 also have changes to accommodate these other services.

The biggest change will be that the 962 splits into two- firstly the 961 (the Ilkley Hebers Ghyll and Ben Rhydding Town service), and secondly the 962, which is the Otley to Ilkley service via Burley. This now also covers the Menston Rail Station section of the 965, giving connections from Burley and Ilkley to Menston.

The 965 returns to the original service purely serving Newall and Weston.

Please bear with us, as we have only had just over a week to prepare for all of this.

Timetables can be found here

781 19-2-23

923 19-2-23

961 19-2-23

962 via Menston 19-2-23

964 19-2-23

965 Otley – Weston – Newall 19-2-23