Service changes from 29th April 2019

Posted on April 25, 2019

We are having some service changes from Monday 29th April 2019. This affects the X1, X6, X12 and X70.

We have altered departure times on the X1 throughout the day to try to avoid the level crossing and make the service run to time better. We have also adopted a circular route at Aspin, so all buses will go along Wetherby Road to the Retail Park, then up Farfield and Aspin Drive/Aspin Lane on ther way back to Knaresborough. We hope that these changes will make the service run to time better.

X12 has a change where the 1625 bus is discontinued but replaced by a 1520 journey.

The X6 has a minor timing change on one journey

X70 has some minor timing changes on the early journeys and the 0915 from Wetherby is put back to 0930 to allow use of bus passes.

The new timetables are available here


X1 29-4-19

X70 timetable 29-4-19