Service changes from 22nd July 2018

Posted on July 12, 2018

In order to improve timekeeping on the X1, we are amending the morning and afternoon journeys. Over the school peaks, it is operating at every 30 minutes. We hope that by doing this we can help the buses run to time better.

The new timetable is available here X1_timetable23-7-18 2018 

Unfortunately despite giving it over a year now, the passenger numbers on the Tadcaster end of the X70 are not great enough to sustain the hourly frequency, so the service will reduce to every two hours. The bus that used to run after the Grammar School bus, no longer does, so hopefully this will improve timekeeping.

The new timetable is here X70 timetabletadcaster 23-07-182018 or showing the connections to York and Knaresborough here X70 timetable 23-07-18 2018

The 780 timetable is also changing to give a later departure from Knaresborough, and a 2 hourly frequency throughout the day. Hopefully this will be a more user friendly one. All the 780 buses operate from Wetherby to Harrogate, so you can travel on without changing buses.

The new timetable is here 780 timetable 23-07-18 2018