School services for St Aidans and St John Fishers

Posted on July 18, 2017

All of our School services for St Aidans and St John Fishers in Harrogate, and Tadcaster Grammar  are carrying on as last year. We hope that you have been happy with your service this year. Other companies may promise the same service, but we are one of the few companies working in partnership with the schools. This means our services have access to the school grounds for safer pick up and drop offs unlike others- the others are only adding to the congestion around the school

We have kept the fares the same as last year, and are introducing wi-fi on our buses for this year.

Services passing through Wetherby are leaving 5 minutes earlier to ensure that they get to school in time, as we have noticed the traffic getting worse over the past year.

Tickets are now on sale, and if you purchase an annual ticket, you can use them over the summer period on our bus services – X70 and X1.

please email for details or see the timetables here X71.2017  X72.2017  X73.2017  X74.2017  X11  Rt10