Revisions to School Services from 11th January 2021

Posted on January 8, 2021

Because of the low numbers travelling on our school services, we are amalgamating a number of these to eliminate wasteful running.

Please see below for the timetables under each individual School heading

King James School Knaresborough

The X80 will not be operating as we have not carried anyone this week at all.

Prince Henrys Grammar School

The PH1 will operate to its normal timetable PH1

The PH2/3/4/5 will operate to the attached timetable PH3-4-5

The PH6/7/8 will operate to the attached timetable PH7

St John Fisher and St Aidans School  Harrogate

The X71, X72, X73 and X74 will be combined into one bus X71-2-3-4

The X10 will operate to a revised timetable here X10

Tadcaster Grammar School

The 061 service will not be operating, but the 003 will operate to its normal timetable

Wetherby High School

All buses will operate as normal