Fare revision from 4th February

Posted on January 26, 2019

We are sorry to announce that our fares are having to increase from 4th February.

Our School services will not increase this academic year, however, nor will the 64 (as these fares are set by First).

Cost increases and a pay rise for our hard working and loyal staff have led to this – as a family owned company we have to balance our books as we don’t have parent companies that can help out when we have a shortfall.

We have kept the increases to a minimum and will still remain the best value in Harrogate, as we realise that some customers prefer good decent old fashioned value to add-ons which add cost.

Going Green and White helps support local business – there are very few smaller independent Bus companies left in this country as the large Plcs and foreign owned multinationals squeeze them out.

We work in partnership with those who appreciate how we can help them -as shown by the 64 service in Leeds – this has helped keep a service running that may have otherwise had to cease and kept customers able to use the great value tickets that First offer throughout West Yorkshire.

Thank you for your ongoing support and thank you for being our customers.