Diversion for Calcaria Connexion 3/4/18-approx 5/4/18

Posted on March 29, 2018

The road between Boston Spa and Tadcaster is to be closed from the 3rd April for approximately 3 days at Papyrus Villas. We have tried to negotiate that buses be let through but to no avail.

So, in order to try and serve as much of Boston Spa as possible – we are going to try the following:

We will go along the High Street as far as Grove Road, then St Johns Road, Church Road, Clifford, Bramham and Toulston Lane into Tadcaster. It will return via the reverse of that route.

We are hoping that we can keep the service to time as best we can, but if we have problems, we will have to re-think this from 4/4. We have asked Leeds City Council to put no parking cones on Grove Road corner but they can’t guarantee this,so this may be an issue too.

We ask that you bear with us as we try to make the best of a bad situation