Changes to Service 64 from 24th February

Posted on January 16, 2020

From 24th February 2020, we take over the operation of our part of the 64 commercially. We will still issue and accept First tickets as now, but we will also offer return tickets for customers only using the 64 service. First will still operate the journeys that they currently do.

The timetable is also changing slightly – only two buses in a morning go to Infirmary Street, and two in an afternoon return from there. Throughout the rest of the day, the service will operate to a slightly revised route and will go up Eastgate instead of York Street, and terminate on Vicar Lane. The journey out of Leeds will start on Vicar Lane, and come down¬† Kirkgate and York Street. This means Boar Lane and Corn Exchange stops won’t be used (except for the journeys to/from Infirmary Street)

We are waiting to hear which stops the bus will use on Vicar Lane.

We hope that this alteration will avoid the terrible traffic that we have had on Boar Lane, which has caused huge delays at times.

the timetable is here 64timetable24-2-20