Changes to services from 28th May 2017

Posted on May 23, 2017

We are altering a number of services from 28th may to improve reliability on them. This includes X1, X52, X70 and School services X73/X75.

The X1 is being retimed to run 5 minutes earlier throughout and the route in Aspin is being altered so that it operates up Aspin Drive and down Rievaulx Avenue. This is as a result of discussions with NYCC to avoid buses meeting on Aspin Drive. Certain peak hour journeys are taken off to give more recovery time. X1_timetable_28-05-17

The X70 has two slight alterations – the 0750 from Wetherby and the 1520 from Tadcaster to Wetherby will not run on schooldays. X70 timetable 28-05-17

The X52 is to be operated by a double decker, so it is better to view the great scenery en-route! This means the route in Ilkley has to be altered to run via Valley Drive and Railway Road, rather than Bolling Lane. X52 28-05-17

The X75 is withdrawn owing to numbers being too low. However, the X73 will revert to its original route, starting at Bramhope at 0720. The X52 will be the double decker so can cope with the numbers adequately. X73 02-09-16

Any queries, please call 01423 339600