Amendment to the64 to aid reliability

Posted on December 6, 2021

From 6th December, we have amended the timetable on the 64 to try and help the service operate more reliably.

This involves the 0715 and 0745  journeys operating 5 minutes earlier – now leaving Aberford at 0710 and 0740.

Services from Leeds will now leave at 05 and 35 past the hour instead of 09 and 39 until 1535, then 1610, 1640, giving more time to reach Crossgates. Bus times after 1640 from Leeds (and those from Infirmary Street) aren’t altered.

Additionally, buses from Aberford at 1650, 1720 and 1800 all leave 5 mins later now at 1655, 1725, 1805.

Also – First have withdrawn their Leeds day ticket from 6th December – so the £5.20 WY day is the only one we can sell. However – our own return tickets are now the best value tickets available

The timetable is here  the64 timetable 1-12-21